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Sex Kop 101.(P4).

Group SexFetishAnal

'The dirty little bitch...fuckin' hell, her ass's tight! Feels fuckin' great though...I've already filled her cunt with sperm...big fuckin' load too...ooh yeah...grippin' her hips and giving her a good pokin'...oh yeah, still got it...they've always loved it up 'em...any hole too...fuckin' sluts...married women, so called virgins, even a couple of nuns too...hnnn...ooh...yeah...gonna spunk again...best pull out...if I can...' The old boy pulled his twitching shaft out of 101's ass and quickly shuffled towards her, wanking his massive cock and feeling the thick load that was seconds awa… Read more

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The Lady of Bathe Street


Look, I know I should've looked in the rearview mirror, okay? I know. I mean, I know now. I should've looked in the rearview mirror, or twisted to look out the back window, or hell, I guess I could've washed my car so the goddamn backup camera wasn't covered in dirt. There's a lot of things I should've done. There were a lot of things I could've done. The fact of the matter, my friend, is that I did not do those fucking things, and I ran over the crazy old lady who lived down the street. Well, okay, I didn't really run her over. My foot was barely on the gas. The car was rolling backward… Read more

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Nellie and the Diamond Gala


In this adventure, Nellie needs a date for a gala so she doesn't have to go with the one her father arranged for her. Desperate, she turns to the only person she thinks can help, but he wants something in return. This story follows the events of Nellie & The Professor. ** "You've brought an appropriate outfit?" "Yes, Dad." "Appropriate, Nellie." Sighing, I dropped my suitcase to the floor and unzipped it, removing the dress I'd packed haphazardly on top of my clothing. "You approved this one last time," I grumbled, shaking the fabric out. "Knee-length, black, tight enough to be allur… Read more

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Husband’s Cuckold Desire

HumorFirst TimeMature

During my initial days in Canada, in order to survive, I found a crew member job in McDonalds. It was an embarrassing feeling that a lady with management background and 8 years of experience in a renowned bank back-home in India is doing a basic job to run her family. Somehow, I persuade my mind and continue with the same job until I get enrolled in university studies to pursue my post-graduation. I’m 34 years old – 5.10-standing, 36-C, 26, 36 - Hindu girl married in a Brahmin family. Three years back, I with my husband and son immigrated to Canada on skilled visa bases. Back home, I was work… Read more

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Accidental Icon

Shemale PornInterracial SexHardcore

ACCIDENTAL ICON by themoonatic WHY THE FUCK DID I TELL HIM? She screamed inwardly as he squeezed and pulled her big engorged puffy nipples. She was naked in the 57 degree March weather except for her shoes, feeling helpless and vulnerable, the crowd laughing and jeering and recording. Her life was ruined now, she was certain. The whole world would see her disgrace. You LIKE that, you little white faggot BITCH?! he bellowed as he yanked again. You gonna cum for us, HO? Tell us when you gonna cum. Presently Chrissy felt her orgasm approaching. Blushing an even deeper red and sobbing uncontrol… Read more

Posted by themoonatic 1 hour ago 103

Career Cocksucker 5

Interracial SexGay MaleHardcore

After hearing about all the fun and frolicking that goes on at Bear events, I told Leo that we should attend one. He had attended a few and sounded like he experienced much enjoyment while I had never been. He warned me of the dangers of a couple going -- that there would be a lot of hot men and we'd both be tempted to stray outside our close relationship. Leo and I had been faithful to each other for a few years and the sex remained fantastic. But we decided that going might spice up our relationship but needed to set parameters for what we could do and not do sexually with other guys. Admitt… Read more

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Hurricane Taboo's


Hurricane Taboo's Mature/Younger, Flashing/Up Skirts, Voyeurism, Naughty, Kinky, Extreme Mike and Betsy had swapped driving through the rain for 3 hours on a usual 2 hr trip going to pick up Lewis, he was her stepson by marriage. Lewis had lost it when his dad was sentenced to 20 years in prison on a financial scheme. Mixing in the wrong crowd, he got 18 months in addition to having served 6 months in jail. Lewis's dad and Betsy divorced but she kept Lewis as family. She had Mike had been preparing for the 2 hurricanes coming their way. They were concerned about high winds but flooding was… Read more

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Being First 3

First Time

To get the full story read Being First and Being first 2: After our night of unbridled passion I left for my AIT as a Lineman/Telephone installer, During these next months of training Heidi and I wrote each other on a almost daily schedule, I would send two notes/letters in a week and I would receive as many back from her, we talked about our possible future together and reminisced about or first time sex together , after about a month and a half of hot petting through the mail, her letters began to get shorted and shorter and less frequent, I asked her if she was busy with school and her a… Read more

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A very good view :-P


https://it.xhamster.com/videos/upskirt-blonde-teen-panties-pussy-ass-voyeur-hidden-amateur-2780953 very good this video :-P also i have had a nice situation like in this video a day at home with my sister. An afternoon i'm at home in my room, it was end summer-beginning autumn, i finish printing several papersheets of the computer and i go out of my room and i call my sister that coming out of her room and she wearing a clear tunic for the house of color yellow-white-cream (but not transparent :-P) a bit wide :-P and legs nude with slippers and feet bare, while we head towards the dining-room… Read more

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My ass ruined by sexy Stella ...

AnalShemale PornInterracial Sex

So I was there, on all fours onto a bed in a dark filthy room… Some salty tears of pain ran down my cheeks, as this sweet babe Stella drove her huge black cock into my ass. In my wildest dreams I had never expected myself to be in this situation, beaten, bound and having my tiny asshole fucked by a sexy well hung transsexual black girl… I had started to go alone to bars and pick up lonely ladies to just fuck them. My sex life with my sensual wife was going down, since she began to fuck black males, not letting me even to watch her as she did it. That remarkable night I had got too much alcoho… Read more

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: Masturbation with mom


Found on the net: Masturbation with mom It became a little habit that we picked up: when there was nothing on TV at night, we sometimes offered to do a little pornography, as we would have offered a board game or a movie. Only our game, with mom, was much more fun. Each of us masturbated on his own, with even less embarrassment than the first time, without hesitating to take a look at what the other was doing and what conditions he was in. I could easily tell when my mom particularly liked a video of the speed of her hand on his penis, a hand she no longer hid, buried in her pants, no, now the… Read more

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Young man first time sex with mature couple

MatureFirst Time

I am now 65 and would like to tell you my initiation to sex life that happen many years ago. I come from Greece and at that time I was just 18 and a virgin I came to London a student at a university. I was there for two years my lodgings were at a house of this middle age couple Janet was 46 and Peter about 57 their k**s have grown up and move to their own place. It was a 3storey house my room was at the 3rd floor After about 6 months staying with them we became very friendly with them, Jean was very attractive always in the house she dress casual but sexy, I think she enjoy making me blash… Read more

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Jessy Jessy ran off the school bus and headed home faster than usual. Her freckled cheeks wet with tears, blurring her vision. Upon entering the house she dropped her backpack by the door and ran upstairs. She almost slammed her bedroom door but a second thought prevented it. She threw herself on the bed. Her long red hair fell in disarray around her. Feeling around she found one of her stuffed a****ls, Pooh’s friend Eeyore. She raised her head long enough to pull him to her face. “I cannot stand Becky Anderson!!’ she screamed into the fluff filled friend. As she sobbed into him she thought t… Read more

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Masturbation with mom


Masturbation with mom It was a November afternoon. I got home a little earlier than I expected. As usual, I went through the back door. Apparently, I must not speak too loudly when I went into the living room and picked up my mother, in pants and panties, watching a porn movie. She was half lying down, wearing a white blouse, and decided to let her long brown hair loose. When my mother saw me, she cried out. Surprised and embarrassed too, I looked down when she immediately pulled on her panties and closed her legs. She asked me what I was doing there, I told her that one of my teachers was abs… Read more

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On the train


While I was on the train back to Annecy, I was in the compartment car and in the compartment where I was staying was a woman about 45-50 years old. She was blonde, about 1m60 a little chubby, a small chest and she was wearing an ocher colored dress. I was installed in front of it next to the window and mainly the ventilation because it was extremely hot. Just before leaving the station, someone sat in the same compartment as us and I put on my headphones to make the 2 long hours of travel a little faster and with music. The train barely left, I tried to install my legs trying not to disturb my… Read more

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Getting Revenge

First Time

The truck cab sat high off the ground. It was a street legal “monster truck” favored by young rednecks with too much money to spare. He was a nice guy and had treated her with care and respect for the trouble she was having with her ex-boyfriend. She knew he wanted her but had held himself at a distance. Over time she had come to like him for it. She liked being in his company and he was good to look at. He looked great in jeans and hiking boots. “How long do you think we'll be here?” she asked and looked toward the door of the house. It was closed and her best friend and his best friend wer… Read more

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My First Fat Fuck

First Time

My friends and I had arrived at the Youth Hostel a little after the group of Canadian girls, but the rumour of the presence had sent a ripple of anticipation though our gang. The more confident guys had gone off to shave and slap on aftershave in the hope of slinking off to the dormitory with one of them, while the quieter and more reserved of us hung bang and lusted after them. Their firm round teenage arses rippled under tight denim as they bent over the pool table, and their loose tops hung low, giving us a tantalising glimpse of fleshy breasts. They laughed, confident and cool, way out of… Read more

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First time with mature couple

First TimeMature

I am now 65 and would like to tell you my initiation to sex life that happen many years ago. I come from Greece and at that time I was just 18 and a virgin I came to London a student at a university. I was there for two years my lodgings were at a house of this middle age couple Janet was 46 and Peter about 57 their k**s have grown up and move to their own place. It was a 3storey house my room was at the 3rd floor After about 6 months staying with them we became very friendly with them, Jean was very attractive always in the house she dress casual but sexy, I think she enjoy making me blash… Read more

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Hiking - A short story.

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

- = Hiking =- I have always loved the outdoors and frequently went camping in my younger years, on one occasion I went with a male friend I'd known since school. Many, many years ago my friend and I met up at around 6am, backpacks loaded and ready to leave, after hiking a few hours, setting up a campsite in some secluded woods, eaten a meal and had a little drink, we finally turn in for the night. As we lay atop of sleeping bags chatting about the day and life, I notice my friend has a huge cock and it's standing proudly to attention in his fingers, it was maybe eight inches, thick an… Read more

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Chapter Two Preparing to meet the ‘LORD MASTER’ Travis and Lizzy stood naked by the doorway of the bathing room, King Jake and Queen Tai entered from another door, followed by two young men and two young women wearing nothing but a silk pair of tightly fitting panties. Each of the four carried a large silver tray with different bathing items upon them. “Serf Travis, serf Lizzy, come stand over here,” King Jake commanded. “Each of you will stand over one of these drains with your legs spread and your arms raised.” Travis and Lizzy did as they were ordered. Once they were in… Read more

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